Loans for Transport Operations may be advanced as under:-

  1. Medium Term Loan
  2. Working Capital Loan.

Purchase of Transport Vehicle - Transport vehicle includes Taxi and Tourist Bus. Loan shall be given based on the Project Report.

The Loan limit shall be Rs. 60-00 Lakh as per the   maximum exposure limit.

The applicants should be Associate Members of the Bank and should have a Current A/c with the Bank.

Working Capital Loan based on the requirement of the entrepreneur can also be given for the Transport Operator to meet the day to day requirement . However this should be based on the turnover of the Business of the entrepreneur and in any case the limit should not exceed 50% of the total turnover in a month.

Medium Term Loan based on the project report shall be considered and in any case loan portion shall not exceed 80% of the project cost including Body Building, Registration Charges, 1st time Road Tax, Insurance and other infrastructure which is incidental to the Transport Operations.

*Rules are subject to change from time to time. For further details please contact nearest branch.






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