(a)  Residential Complex/Commercial Complex-Medium Term Loan Only. 

(b)  Hotel Industry -             Medium Term Loan

                                                Working Capital Loan  

Loan may  be  advanced  for  Construction / Purchase / Acquiring Residential 

Complex/ Commercial Complex on free hold Non-Agricultural property. 

Maximum  Loan  Limit  is  Rs. 60.00 Lakhs as  per  exposure  limit.            

Before  advancing  loan  it  should  be  ensured  the  repaying capacity  of  the  applicant   be  taken  in to  consideration enabling  him  to  repay  the  loan  within  the  scheduled  time.           

Normally  loan  shall  not  exceed  70%  of  the  project  cost  for the new  construction.  However  project  cost  includes  cost  of  the  site, “  site value “  may  be   considered as margin  money.  If  the  site  value  is  not  considered  maximum  loan  up  to 75%  of  the  project  cost  may  be  given. 


*For further details please contact nearest branch.






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