Loan for working operation of an industry, business, self employment, self oriented business, contractors and allied activities may be given for pursuing their business and professional activities.

An Individual, a Partnership Firm, Companies, Societies registered under the Society Registration Act -1960 and other corporative bodies who are engaged in trade, business, commerce, industry, self employment, contractor and other activities are eligible for such Working Capital Loan.

The parties shall be Current A/c holder of the Bank.

Applicant should have a necessary licence, permit to peruse the activities.

Applicant shall have the professionalism in the business and should possess knowledge expertise in the trade / business. However in case of a new entrepreneur a care should be taken to entertain the application.

Working Capital Loan up to maximum of Rs. 60-00 Lakhs as per exposure limit shall be fixed. Higher limit up to Rs. 500 lakhs subject to seek relaxation from NABARD.

*Rules are subject to change from time to time.For further details please contact nearest branch.






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